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Airbot Fenix SuperF4 Beta Version

Airbot Fenix SuperF4 Beta Version

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The Airbot Fenix Super F4 is one F4 FC which runs as fast as F722(almost, 1022 point compare to 1082 point), but with 8x UARTs and 4MB Flash area(F722: 6x and 512KB)

Which makes the SuperF4 able to run full 8K PID Loop and still keep 50% Idle CPU time. 

MCU: AT32F435 4MB Flash
Gyro: ICM42688
Baro: Yes
Blackbox: 128Mbit 16MB Flash
BEC: 2x (5V2A, 10V2A)
OSD: Yes
Digital System support: Yes

Beta Version, no bug but we may change the hardware design on release version